Avant Guard Fashion is derived from the word Avant Grade in French, which is also point out our expectation to be an avant-garde fashion jewelry designer in the industry. Guard and Garde have the same pronunciation, also means defend, we want to use the highest stander to supervise the quality of material for all of our clients. Our jewelry insists apply highest-quality & allergy-resistant materials. 


Many guests asked us why design only one of those good-looking jewelries. The reason is that we occasionally collect  these antiques and natural semi-precious stones abroad. For example, we collect a 1920s European West German made crystal, its unique cutting technology and dedicated craft disappeared for a period. As matter of fact, no factory can  manufacture it, even we hope to create more design with the material is impossible to do it. Share the same logic of semi-precious gems with not artificially made, each one has its own  color, shape, and light. Under the hand-made manufacture model, we are more flexible to design nature precious gem. We can utilize our point of view to design our jewelry with unique design of different antique and gems. Because we believe there are unique stylish owners of each one of them. 



Metal materials can be soldered. Only special soldering glue can be used for the combination of different materials. We will use three different types of imported glue depending on the material. Switzerland produces 100,000 times stronger soldering glue. The features are shock-resistant, moisture-resistant, high-temperature resist, and high Load-bearing. Whitening phenomena happen after it is dried. We need to polish manually to remove the overflowing glue and whitening portion. Canadian UV light glue, that developed with the same logic of soldering technology. The characteristics are moisture resistance, high temperature resistance and high load bearing. It has a yellowish color after the UV solid, and the overflow glue part is difficult to remove. Most of them are used for the insertion of needles. A special glue made in American for professional jewelry gem setting and watchmaking, industrial assembly, it mainly used for detailed connection such as 1 to 2 centimeters of rhinestones. It takes more than 24 hours to solid. It is colorless and flavorless, but low density and low load bearing.


Most people misunderstand that they are allergy to the metal itself. In fact, most people are allergic to the aurification itself. Poor quality of aurification process or the use of low-stability metal as the raw materials are the root cause. Primarily we prefer to use metal without aurification such as brass, stainless, and silver. Under some design considerations, we still need to use aurificated material , our OEM Japan and Korea manufactures will produce the material with eco-aurification technology for us. They use high stability metal and nickel-free material as raw materials. We run real test on our aurification material, the color can preserve  around one year and no allergies occurred which almost equals to gold clad jewelry technology.


Currently we use titanium pierce, 925 silver needles, and 316 stainless steel pierce which is the same material as the scalpel. Titanium equips low density, high strength, high temperature and low temperature resistance. Allergy to aurification, silver, and stainless steel who could wear Titanium pierce. We use α-titanium, which has good resistance to high  as well as low temperatures, oxidation resistance, and good solder ability.  The expertise of Taiwanese goldsmith is silver soldering technology. The melting point of titanium is high, the soldering head is easy to overheat, and the soldering technology is way more difficult than silver soldering. We require refine soldering quality in case to cause the discomfort of  contact mass area of soldering area. Hence, our partner in South Korea or Japan who are OEM manufactures of international jewelry brands. Silver Pierce are mainly solder in Taiwan small goldsmith studio and Korea factories. Stainless steel is mostly manufactured by Taiwan factories and designer combine with different materials.


Like our titanium metalworking jewelry with top-tier sophisticate craft. Instead to mass the manufacturing production, we aim to refine and upgrade the fineness of jewelry. We are concentrate on design and combine the expertise of artisans to channel out each one of design. We insist not lower the quality or price to reduce the life cycle of product to force clients to buy more our design. Instead, our jewelry is easy to match different style and durable to decrease the metal waste and pollution to our environment.   You can feel how much we care ,directly from each of our creation. 


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