The brand name of Avant Guard origins from French “Avant-Garde” which means new ,very modern, and surprising ideas in art, music, illiterate, and fashion that are introduced by state-of-the-art artists. The pronunciation of Garde is quite similar with Guard. The founders pay homage to L’eclaireur Paris by selecting the most stunningly and high quality light luxury accessories for all the stylish girls. Avant Guard Fashion found by a sister from music and fashion industries. After they left the industries, still want to achieve their fashion dreams. The DNA of Avant Guard Fashion is four symbols from poker card, we use the symbols to portrait four different styles.

Spades represent the fashion philosophy of decisive and independent girls, clubs embodiment of the most dope and funnies girls, hearts stand for sweet and romantic girls, diamonds depict elegant and delicate girls. Avant Guard Fashion encompasses different light luxury accessories where all the girls can find exclusive accessories.