The main printing part is printed in Taiwan, the plain fabric is Japanese fabric, and the we use Taiwan developed functional fabric in inner part. Our sewing team is come from a group of moms who runs small workshop in Taiwan.

Dedicated whole lives to the garment industry, when companies pursuing economic scale production , they moved factories to countries with lower labor costs. This group of profession tailors were forced to retire from the industry.

Beside, with the burden of supporting the family, those toilers equip use for many years but no jobs to do, we hope not to do mass-production, small studio also could handle our quantity of production.   

We also hope to keep the skill in Taiwan and pass on the next generations,  we hope to provide job opportunities for women who reenter the job market after raising children, our artisan are considerate and earnest, you can see how much effort devoted in each piece of design. We want to be an initiator, we want to support them and put it into real practice, mamy artisans can support and take care their families. We are sincerely appreciate they are willing to help us to fulfill our design, and make them such masterly perfection.