Modern Art Deco 

In 1930 New York,  ART DECO style, the fusion of the classic and modern art. Our designer interpreted with a modern perspective, with geometric shape to solder materials seamless. Emphasis a high-wattage aura of wearers. Convert the design language through metalwork of jewelry. The oxidized stainless steel metalworking aesthetics is the design which is not limited to time, season, and ages. Exploring and projecting the similarity of women via accessories. The designer isolate from time to discover more, and make jewelry itself emitting poetic and vigorous aura. 


Baroque Art

In 1900 British , the pearl chocker shown on the neck of Queen Alexandra, it, completely, stunning everyone with the elegance. Baroque art style is beauty and romance, it is durable and complement any style in different era. With the texture of pearl, semiprecious stone and brass showing the design of neatness depth. It can present complexity and delicate handmade quality with metal wire woven technology. Fit the fashion in different occasions, emphasizing the strong French elegance of the wearer.


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Belle Époque Era

In 1900 Paris, mass produced jewelry was no longer popular. Instead, it was replaced by meticulous jewelry craftsman. Our designer reinterpreted the vogue with Swarovski crystals and antique crystals. Once again recreates the delicate and flamboyance design in the Belle Époque era. It was indispensable for aristocrat fashion, surprisingly match with T-Shirt create a contrasting but sweetness style. Easy to create a street dope style of your own.


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Pop Art

In 1960, New York and London, POP ART and Swing London, a vivid and optimistic London phenomenon. Items in our daily life have transform into a design. With interesting, funning, touching moment in your life as topic of design. Through a vivid and artistic way to demonstrate in our design. Hope to generate more dreamy and fantasy design, in this collection we aim to design brand-new and innovate design. Via our design to show their anergy, this collection design for hipster girls.

Valentine's Collection

Titanium Jewelry

Titanium Metalsmith Accessory Series